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Energym Frankston is focused on delivering a healthy approach to all areas of fitness. We are often quoted by our clients as being the best Frankston Gym and everyday we strive to meet that expectation.

At Energym, we believe fitness is a way of life.

The team of Billy & Simone Manne is nothing short of world class.

Classes range from Kids Karate, kids kickboxing, Karate, Kickboxing, Brazilian Jiu Jitsu, Mixed Martial Arts  and Krav Maga classes to just name a few. Our programs for Children are outstanding and have been designed prepare them mentally as well as physically. These programs have been carefully developed and refined to help your child build all the life skills required for an increasingly complex world. We are in the business of Building Champions for Life!

If you want to lose weight, Simone has proven weight loss programs that will safely and effectively shed unwanted kilos in the shortest possible time.
Billy Manne is qualified in many forms of Martial Arts and has trained many people from all over the world to be effective fighters.  We even run our own fight promotions organization for those who are interested in taking that extra step.


Krav Maga Knife Defence Demonstration

Billy Manne demonstrates a basic knife defence using Krav Maga for Blitz Martial Arts magazine

Krav Maga Is HERE! Learn with the experts..

Energym run specialised Krav Maga training courses using several highly qualified real life instructors.  If you need to learn a practical and effective martial art that will work as an all round street defence then Krav Maga is the best choice.  From the first lesson you will learn techniques that quickly disable predatory attacks and assaults.  Over time with Billy’s help condition your mindset to provide you with the tools to cope with a variety of life and death scenarios.

Krav Maga was initially developed as a military training tools for Israeli and special forces soldiers.  It takes various techniques from Mauy Thai, Wing Chun, jiu-jitsu, wrestling, grappling, karate and boxing and combines them to form brutal and effective counter measures focused on striking vital points of the body.

Krav Maga focuses on defensive and offensive manoeuvres structured to counter and disable multiple assailants simultaneously.
It is aggressive and has specifically tailored techniques used to neutralise common weapons such as
  • Knife attacks
  • Box Cutter Attacks
  • Small and large baton attacks
  • Hand Gun attacks
  • Chokes and holds
  • MMA/BJJ/Kickboxing counters
To be a master at all these takes discipline and dedication.  However its guaranteed you will feel much more confident from the first few lessons.
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