Energym Frankston (Open 24/7)

Energym Frankston is focused on delivering a healthy approach to all areas of fitness. With over 40 years of successful business, we have developed a loyal following from many clients who have been members of our gym for many years. The difference with Energym is we have a holistic approach to health and fitness. We provide nutritious meals that help you lose weight and taste fantastic. We provide a variety of carefully structured fitness and strength activities and also boast the most comprehensive martial arts training programs in Frankston.

At Energym, we believe fitness is a way of life. Through high-quality instruction and support, we empower people of all ages to achieve their full potential.

By emphasizing health and wellness through not only physical activity and fitness, but also through nutrition and creation of a positive and thoughtful relationship with food.  By practicing these skills in a friendly, safe and empowering environment, we inspire our clients to become more confident, successful, contributing members of our community.

Our Martial Arts classes range from Kids Karate, Kids Kickboxing, Karate, Kickboxing, Brazilian Jiu Jitsu, Mixed Martial Arts  and Krav Maga classes to just name a few.  Our programs for children have been designed to prepare them mentally and physically for challenging situations that most kids will face during their childhood.

These programs have been carefully developed and refined to help your child build all the life skills required for an increasingly complex world.

If you want to lose weight, Simone has proven weight loss programs and weight loss meals that will safely and effectively shed unwanted kilos in the shortest possible time.  This is done with close consultation of the client – understanding that some weight issues can be caused by psychological factors as well as physical conditions.  We address both areas at once.

Our gym is dynamic and energetic with a positive atmosphere that comes from years of repeat business from our dedicated customers.

Let Us Help You Be The Best You Can Be

Weight Loss, Martial Arts Or Gym


Wednesday, 21 October 2020
  • Circuit

    Start Time: 9:30 am
    Duration 1 hour

    Circuit is great for all round conditioning


  • SBM | Access to properties

    Start Time: 2:00 pm
    Duration 30 mins


  • Kids Karate

    Start Time: 4:30 pm
    Duration 45 mins

    This class is a great environment for children to
    learn Zen Do Kai Karate. The classes are safe and exciting.
    Children will learn self-defence, discipline, respect and many
    more valuable life skills.


  • Teenage Karate

    Start Time: 5:15 pm
    Duration 45 mins

    For students 12 plus. This is a more advanced form of Karate where we start to introduce more adult style karate techniques. Its the bridging between kids and adults zen-do-kai


  • Beginners Boxing

    Start Time: 6:00 pm
    Duration 1 hour

    Boxing classes for beginners. Please bring mouth guards and appropriate gym ware. Also bring water or energy drink to help with re hydration.


  • Adults Zen Do Kai Karate

    Start Time: 7:00 pm
    Duration 1 hour


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Energym provide Gym  Services for people living in Frankston, Seaford, Langwarrin, Carrum, Chelsea Heights, Frankston South, Langwarrin South, Somerville, Bonbeach, Karingal, Patterson Lakes, and Mount Eliza.