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Kickboxing –Frankston

Kickboxing and Muay Thai is an effective martial art which compliments almost every other martial art – you could say it is the foundation of stand-up fighting.  Our training rooms are especially designed with thick padded floors, numerous punching bags, a boxing ring and various striking pads.

Billy Manne and Bob Jones were the first people to introduce kickboxing training to the Australian public.  Billy Manne knows many Thai Masters and tours every year in order to learn the latest techniques from the Muay Thai masters.

Over the years many students have achieved exceptional kickboxing accolades – some even world champion status – and many of the fighters’ photos and trophies can be seen at the gym.  Many of the trainers who run local fighting gyms around Frankston, Chelsea Heights, Somerville and Carrum Downs and who teach kickboxing today learned the basics originally from Billy Manne.  The roots of kickboxing in Australia comes largely from Billy Manne.

All of our kickboxing trainers have had fighting experience – something you cannot teach.  And high level fighters are on site if you ever want to progress into competition kickboxing.

We split our classes into fighters and general training areas.  If you wish to sport train and lightly spar then we can accommodate.  We will not push you into a situation you are not comfortable with and many mature-aged kickboxing students (some who used to fight even) are able to continue training because of this reason.  However, if you want to test yourself at kickboxing – you will have all the tools available at your disposal.  Including two time world champion Luke Vanderpool, Ex Pro fighter Paul Weaver and long time hard-hitting veteran Lorenzo Mossi.

Kickboxing is a contact sport, and all forms of protection such as mouth guards and proper boxing gloves/shin-pads are required for training.  If you are wanting to perform general training then the mouth guards are extra insurance.

Core Principles

  • Core Strength

    The rotational nature of the movements in Kickboxing truly do strengthen your core.   Body conditioning will also help a little. Striking, defensive movements, and clinching all help the Muay Thai student develop a strong core.

  • Stress Relief

    You may be surprised how good you feel at the end of a Muay Thai session.  Its empowering and detoxifies your body.  You will find your metabolism also will kickup a gear or two as well, making weight loss that much easier.  All these things combined produce less stress.

  • Kickboxing Is For Everyone

    We will push you to new limits if you want. Or we will accommodate a level of training you are comfortable with.  No matter who you are you will fit in.

  • Competition

    If you wish to compete – we attend inter club competitions where you can test yourselves against other fighters as well.

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Billy Manne teaches Muay Thai Kickboxing for people living in Frankston , Seaford, Langwarrin, Carrum, Mount Eliza, Chelsea Heights, Frankston South, Langwarrin South, Bonbeach and Karingal, Patterson Lakes, and Somerville.

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  • Hello! I use to do kickboxing with you guys and was wanting to join up again what nights and how much is it? It may have changed since I last joined

  • I was very interested in starting some form of boxing/kick boxing classes. I have no previous experience at all, so I’d be learning from scratch but it’s mainly for the benefit to my health, keeping in shape and also id love to learn some boxing/fighting skills too. I was wondering if it’s possible to start at this gym, if you have no previous experience??


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