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As a Nutritionist and Weight Loss expert with years of helping people achieve their weight loss goals and dreams, I really understand just how tough it can be for many people. In my soon to be released E book ” How to The 6Ps of Weight Loss”, I explain how planning is one of the most important elements of a successful weight loss program. As part of my weight loss program, I can help you with your weight loss goals with eating plans and fantastic, delicious food.  Not only is the food delicious, low calorie and low fat, it is packed with super foods to help make you glow from the inside and out.

When we eat in a restrictive way, we often lack nutrients and this causes cravings . These cravings makes it almost impossible to maintain a restrictive eating plan.  So unless we plan and prepare our food really well we are setting ourselves up for failure.  This can start a whole awful roller coaster of failure and self-blame which really derails our weight loss goals. As a nutritionist, the eating plans I offer prevent this and this combined with delicious meals makes weight loss much more achievable.

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