Our Gym in Frankston – Energym

Energym has provided gym services for the Frankston area for many decades.  We have a wide variety of equipment designed to hit various parts of your body from different angles.  Many bodybuilders tend to favour our gym for its atmosphere and its variety of free weight and mechanical machines.

We have changing rooms and showers –  television sets are also positioned in the cardio areas to provide entertainment while exercising.

We have a number of treadmills, smith machines, rowing machines and specialist machines rarely found elsewhere but often favoured.

Our gym also provides special fitness programs targeted towards young and mature people.  Because Simone Manne has a masters degree in human nutrition (Deakin University) she is well qualified to strategically create a diet plan to compliment the fitness program providing weight loss in the fastest possible time.

Energym is focused on delivering a healthy approach to all areas of fitness. We are often quoted by our clients as being the best Frankston Gym and everyday we strive to meet that expectation.  With over 40 years of successful business we have developed a loyal following from many clients who have been members of our gym for many years.

At Energym, we believe fitness is a way of life.  Our wide variety of carefully structured activities include: