Why we all need to stay in a Healthy Weight Range.

Staying Within A Healthy Weight Range

We often associate being overweight with heart disease. However many people do not realise that being overweight is strongly linked to 1 in 5 cancer deaths.  This has been confirmed by the World Cancer Research Fund, the American Cancer Society and our own Cancer  Council.

The cancers with the strongest relationship to being overweight include :-

– Breast (in post menopausal women)

– Colon and Rectum

– Endometrium (lining of the uterus)

– Esophageal

– Kidney

– Pancreas

Excess body weight is also linked to:-

– Gallbladder

– Liver

– Non Hodgkin Lymphoma

– Cervix

– Ovarian

– Aggressive forms of prostate cancer

This gives us even more incentive to maintain a healthy weight. But this is easier said than done! We have operated a successful weight loss program and serviced the people of Frankston and surrounding suburbs for years.  We have people travel from Melbourne and interstate in order to participate in our weight loss programs.  Need Help? Call me and look out for my new e-book coming soon: “Shed the Toxic People in your Life and Lose the Kilos forever! ” and “Foods you Need to be your Goal Weight Forever.”

Remember – the Healthier we are the Happier we will be.




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